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The Spatial Community is a Slack-based community of over 6,600 geospatial enthusiasts: developers, GIS professionals, students, and hobbyists all coming together to share a common interest in all things spatial. With members from all over the world, The Spatial Community is a global geo-party with round-the-clock activity.

Whether you're looking to get answers or offer support, or just have a casual conversation with fellow geo-geeks, there's a home for you in The Spatial Community. A dedicated #python or #postgis fan? There's a channel for that. Interested in joining a geospatial #bookclub? We've got that covered. Looking to unwind from a long day in the spatial analysis trenches with some #videogames or #food? We've got that too.

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Agreeing to common ground set forth in our Code of Conduct is part of what makes our group a community. To participate in The Spatial Community, we ask everyone to agree to this code.

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Meet the Admins

Contrary to popular belief, The Spatial Community is not run solely by a collection of Slack bots. Meet the admins who work hard behind the scenes to keep everything humming along smoothly.

Recent or Upcoming Events

Check back often - new events posted regularly!

  • 2018 Conference Giveaways

    2018 giveways have so far included OpenStreetMap US State of the Map and the Esri Developer summit!

  • 2018 Ask Me Anything Series

    • Steve Pousty Director of Developer Advocacy at Red Hat. Feb 16, 2018 @ 10AM PST.
    • Ryan John King Co-founder, CEO of FOAM, entrepreneur in proof of location protocol. Feb 23, 2018 @ 9AM PST.

Past Events

  • Feb 2018

    Conference Giveaway:
    Esri Dev Summit 2018

    Esri sponsored one registration to the Developer Summit and additional swag for 2nd place!

  • Feb 16 2018

    AMA: Steve Pousty

    Ask Me Anything with Steve Pousty, Director of Developer Advocacy at Red Hat, formerly of deCarta, Esri dev, PhD in Ecology and much more! Thanks to @TheSteve0!

  • Jun 1 2017

    Conference Giveaway:
    FOSS4G Boston 2017

    The FOSS4G Local Organizing Committee sponsored one registration to FOSS4G in Boston and >sparkgeo covering the entrance fee to the Gala event

  • Apr 7 2017

    Conference Giveaway:
    PyCon 2017

    Mapbox sponsored one registration to PyCon 2017 in Portland, Oregon

  • Mar 14 2017


    Azavea's President & CEO Robert Cheetham, VP of Engineering Matt McFarland, and Community Ambassador Dan Ford.

  • Jan 27 2017

    Conference Giveaway:
    Esri's Developer Summit

    Esri sponsored one free registration to the Esri Developer Summit in Palm Springs, CA on March 7-10, 2017

  • Nov 17 2016

    Boundless's Andy Dearing

  • Nov 7 2016

    Carto's Javier de la Torre

  • Oct-Dec 2016


    First annual "Secret Santa" for members of The Spatial Community. Join the channel for more information

  • April 19 2016

    ESRI's Andrew Turner & John Gravois

  • March 15 2016

    Digital Globe's Shay Har-Noy

  • November 3 2015

    James Fee

  • September 22 2015

    Mapbox's Tom Macwright and Eric Gunderson

  • September 2 2015

    What3Words' Gary Gale

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If you ever need help, or have a community-related question, always feel free to reach out to one or all of us in Slack. We're here to support you & make The Spatial Community awesome, together.

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